Hubert G. Phipps

Hubert Phipps Studio
34912 Whiskey Hill Lane Middleburg, VA 20117
Snickers Gap, Stop #33

"Alpha", cast stainless steel, 18" x 26" x 12", 2014

Artist Statement

I like things that are different. That is what fascinates me about abstract art; the mystery of it. For the most part I think I know what I am looking at as I go about my daily routine and that is reassuring especially when I am out navigating the byways and the skyways. Yet I yearn to discover new worlds, otherworldly type worlds that are lurking in the deeper recesses of the mind. I glimpse these worlds from time to time. It may come in the middle of the night, a vision, unidentifiable yet lovely shapes appear and I don’t have a clue what they are.  What is so tantalizing to me is the endless possibilities of what they can be and I feel compelled to flesh them out and capture them on paper, on canvas or as a 3D object.

To me, the most powerful art is that which connects within me before I even start to analyze it through thought. It is not anything I can understand or describe by thinking but something that when I look at it I am filled with awe and wonderment.  This is what I experience when I stand in the presence of the great works of art that have come before.

Creating art is my opportunity to experience the realm of the abstract mind in a very intimate way. From a practical standpoint the challenge is in transforming that vision into physical form. This is what goes on in the studio. With the strokes that I change and adjust constantly until it gives me that mysterious quality that I am looking for. The sculpture usually starts with a sketch but goes through its own metamorphoses necessary in converting the 2D drawing to a 3D object. During this process, I strive to create beauty, balance and other aesthetic elements but somehow the work always takes on a life of its own. It just seems to happen despite the endless struggles I experience through the creative process.

"Arch", stainless steel, 18" x 14" x 16", 2016
"Ensemble", welded steel, 14" x 4" x 12", 2016
"Fissure", bronze, 28" x 21" x 24"
"Geometric 1", welded steel and plaster, 26" x 28" x 14", 2014
"Paradise", bronze, 17" x 24" x 9", 2015
"Pieces of Six", stainless steel, 26.5" x 8" x 4", 2016
"Pieces of Seven", stainless steel, 15.5" x 26" x 10", 2016
"Serpent", Corian, 17" x 48" x 17", 2014
"Vertical", steel, 12" x 47" x 6", 2016
"Voyager", stainless steel, 25" x 8.5" x 7.5", 2015
"Waterworks", bronze, 29" x 10" x 16", 2016
Studio Interior
Studio Interior
Studio Exterior
Studio Exterior

Offering on tour: Technique instruction and insights into sculpture creation.

Snickers Gap Stop #33

Directions to Hubert Phipps Studio:

Head south on Route 15 to Route 50 intersection (roundabout). Bear right toward Middleburg. Drive 9.75 miles and turn on route St. Louis Road (Rt. 611). Drive 1.1 miles and turn left on Whiskey Hill Lane. Studio is on the right.