Judith Thompson

Oil Painting, Mixed Media
The Studio at Schiphill
19965 Lincoln Road Purcellville VA 20132
Snickers Gap, Stop #31

Desmoiselles - 48
Desmoiselles - 48" x 48" - oil - 2014

Artist Statement

Each painting begins with a wisp of an intuitive idea. With inky paint on a long handled brush I draw many lines on canvas with large, loose strokes. I trust that my composition and a strong spatial relationship will emerge. I do not begin with a fully realized sketch or even a fully reconciled thought. This allows for discovery and surprise during my painting process.

I am inspired by women, fabric, animals, and color. My paintings are strong, beautiful and tell a story. I use patterns to build rich, brilliant texture and to create tension in juxtaposition with the calm face of Woman. I incorporate animals into my work to accentuate the idea of Woman as protective nurturer. Within this elaborate backdrop of texture, pattern and color, the relationships within the painting evoke serenity.

Every creative experience, as sculptor, painter or clothier, is utilized in my work. I trust my imagination and rely on valuable skills honed since childhood. Perhaps because I lost both my mother and grandmother at an early age, I paint them idealistically as safe, steady and ever-present women. Thus, I nurture my talent as I was nurtured, unafraid to embrace all challenges and successes.

Dimming of the Day - oil  60
Dimming of the Day - oil 60" x 48" - 2015
Entourage - oil - 36
Entourage - oil - 36" x 24" - 2015
Still Life with Hob-beaked Parrot - oil on canvas - 30
Still Life with Hob-beaked Parrot - oil on canvas - 30" x 24" - 2016
Bleeding Heart - 40
Bleeding Heart - 40" x 30" - oil on canvas - 2016
Georgia's Gnu - 36
Georgia's Gnu - 36" x 24" - oil on canvas - 2016
The Fates - 36
The Fates - 36" x 24" - oil on canvas - 2016
Celestial Brunch - 30
Celestial Brunch - 30" x 48" - oil and enamel on canvas - 2016
A Delicate Balance - 40
A Delicate Balance - 40" x 30" - oil on canvas - 2016
Studio interior
Studio interior
Studio exterior
Studio exterior

Offering on tour: Giclée prints, original oil paintings, mixed media, small sculptures, and cards. Refreshments.

Snickers Gap Stop #31

Directions to The Studio at Schiphill:

From Business Route 7 (Main Street) in Purcellville turn onto South Maple Avenue, follow this road 5 miles through the town of Lincoln, where it becomes Lincoln Road. The studio is on the right, 1/4 mile before the end of the road.