Robert A. Friedenberg

Franklin Park Arts Center Guest
36441 Blueridge View Lane, Purcellville, VA 20132
Loudoun Valley Cluster, Stop #26

About the Artist

Sailing Eternity
Sailing Eternity", rapidograph drawing, 20x16, 2014

I started drawing in college while pursuing my doctorate in theoretical nuclear physics. It's been a lifelong hobby and now a concentrated passion to record and manipulate my mind’s wanderings. My work is a collection of very detailed black & white pen & ink drawings all made using a .25mm Rapidograph. Everything I do is inked entirely by hand, utilizing a wide variety of themes ranging from naturalistic scenery to devices and mechanical objects to science fiction and fantasy. Often, I incorporate pictures, words, symbols, equations, and anything else I can think of into my drawings to add depth, and texture, and to engage the viewer on a long term basis. In fact, recently I've started replicating the equations from my PhD dissertation as graphics. The idea is to keep you looking and always finding something new.

Fog Rolling In
Fog Rolling In", rapidograph drawing, 20x16, 2015
Three Guitars
Three Guitars", rapidograph drawing, 16x20, 2012
Wolf Wannabe
Wolf Wannabe", rapidograph drawing, 16x20, 2015
Grand Piano
Grand Piano", rapidograph drawing, 16x20, 2013
The Cow
The Cow", rapidograph drawing, 16x20, 2014
Bird Sanctuary
Bird Sanctuary", rapidograph drawing, 16x20, 2013
Carousel", rapidograph drawing, 16x20, 2011
P40", rapidograph drawing, 16x20, 2012
Joei's Garden
Joei's Garden", rapidograph drawing, 16x20, 2012

Offering on tour: Original art as well as museum quality giclee prints matted and framed.

Loudoun Valley Cluster Stop #26

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36441 Blueridge View Lane, Purcellville, VA 20132

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